Stephen Holmes to Stephen F. Austin, 09-12-1826

Summary: Asking assistance in collection of debt.

Natchitoches Sept- 12th 1826


Seven or Eight years ago more or less a man by the name of John Robinson commonly called Jacky Robinson Bought of Msrs- Pavia and Viann of this Town about four hundred dollars worth of Goods and Mr- Placide Bossier was his security and had it to pay and did pay it. Since that in an arrangement of some affairs between Mr- Bossiers and myselfe he made over and transferred the demand against Robinson to me, with all necessary Receipts Vouchers etc—I have lately been informed that Robinson died somewhere in your Colony. The Object of this letter is to obtain as a favour from you If Robinson is dead and If he left property sufficient to satisfy the above Claim. If you will Answer this letter direct your letter to the Care of Doctor Sibley of Nachitoches.

Stephen Holmes

Col. Stephen F. Austin