John Sibley to Stephen F. Austin, 09-15-1826

Summary: General news of the United States and Europe.

Natchitoches Sept 15th 1826


I Accidentally met a Man who says he lives in your Neighbourhood who will bring you a few papers such as in a hurry I can Scramble together. I have been confined by Sickness some Months during which I have had no opportunity of writing or knowing of any conveyance to you—I understand some arrangements are taking place for an exchange of Mails between Mexico and the United States— Since the rising of Congress the public papers are less interesting, they are all filled with the 4th of July Proceedings and on the subject of the Remarkable Coincident in the almost simultaneous death of the ex President Adams and Jefferson on that day.—Our country from Sabine to St. Croix seem engaged in devising and executing Internal improvements The canal cross the Base of Cape Florida will be important; Indeed all of them the ohio canal, with one End near the City of Cincinati the other Cleveland on Lake Eri, the Chesepeak and Deleware Canal, the Cape Cod Canal, one from Michigan to Islenois, and an hundred others; going on and talked about as well as the great Panama Canal, a Number of Bailed way Roads and Turn Pikes are going on; the great Road from Washington to New Orleans will soon commence. Our Manufactures seem to keep pace with other improvements. A Steam Boat Navigation will Certainly be extended up Red River (perhaps) to New Mexico. In Our Parish without seeming to be sickly there has been a Number of deaths Those you know are Doctor Levis and Luke S. Hazelton. and Sam1 Keiser At Alexandria John Carson. New Orleans by the last accounts is uncommonly healthy. Genl Hampton is dead no conspicuous Character in the City, the yellow fever rages at Mobile. From Europe the Riots in England and Scotland amongst the weavers. factions in Spain opposed to the Kings partyFrance quiet and improving in Manufactures etc. The Govt of Russia not well settled. Turkey has been obliged to give up to that Power Walatia and Maldavia, (Antient Massadonia)—The Greeks have suffered, but are not giving up the ship. Private Opinion in all the countries of Europe is warm towards them. Turkey is crippled by the War and never can conquer them. Our Gov. is placing above us On the Waters of Red River and Arkansa more than fifty thousand Indians of different and discordant Tribes I do not like the Policy, not for the reason only, that it will hasten their extinction. The Caddos and Quapas, are going to settle above you On the same River.—They will be peacable, but unprofitable Neighbours.-—

Judge Johnston and family live at Washington, they were in New York a Month ago. Our Members of Congress are all Reelected from this State.

Please to Present my compliments to your brother to Capt. Clark and any Other friend or acquantance.

John Sibley

Hon. Judge Austin