George Orr to Stephen F. Austin, 09-28-1826

Summary: Asking for titles to land.

Atascosito Sept. 28th 1826

Dear Sir

Accompanying this to yourself we transmit a letter to His Excellency the Chief of the Department with a statement of the votes of the Inhabitants respecting our being attached to your Colony or to Nacogdoches—the letter to his Excellency is unsealed—you can open it and having read it you will please to seal and forward it—As we are now to be under your wing we hope you will find it convenient to call on us with the commissioner and put us quickly in a way to know where our lands are, what shall be the form of our sitios where shall be situated our new Town etc. etc. At all events we shall be grievously disappointed if the commissioner does not visit us and set us to rights—

George Ore

Henry W. Munson

To Col. Stephen F. Austin St. Felipe de Austin