J. L. Dumanday to Stephen F. Austin, 10-15-1826

Summary: Concerning recovery of oxen stolen by Indians.

St°- Antonio Oct 15th 1826

Colo- Philipp Oustin

Philippville Texas

Dr. Sir

In consequence of your polite offers of assisting Mr. Stephen Curcier, in recovering his property stolen by the Indians on the 18th of August; being informed by a Spaniard mail carrier, that four oxen were now in the possession of an individual of your colony; as agent in this place of said Stephen Curcier I take the liberty of availing myself of your kind disposition, and accordingly au- thorise you to take possession of said oxen, sell them if fifty Dollars pr pair can be obtained and remit me the proceeds by some safe opportunity, or if sale can not be effected, to confide them to some of the gentlemen who as I understand are disposing themselves to drive some cattle to this place, binding myself to reinburse & pay them whatever may have been the cost of keeping etc—there, and any reasonable charges, according to your contract with said gentlemen, for delivering them at this place

Cheerfully offering you a reciprocity of services I have the honour of remaining your obt servant

J. Lecoy Dumanday [Rubric]