Burril J. Thompson to Stephen F. Austin, 02-03-1827

Summary: Seeking Austin's intervention for pardon.

Parrish of Natchitoches 3 Febry. 1827

Col. Austin

Dr Sir

I heave wrote several Letters to you and others But has never, Received a line from There—and I heare so many contradicktry Reports that I can Heave no confidence, some Times I heare that It is your wish I would Return and then I heare that, the officers would give 3 or 4 of The Prisners for me, That I Do not know what To Think; But I feerme There are men on The Aish Bayou who are Indistrious to sirculate Reports, so as to still keep up contention Between the Parties, I know If the Proper steps were Taken Peace could be Restored in a few Days, make Peace with the Fredonian Party and the Indians will come into measurs, But while Reports that are unfavourable are in sirculation (that are made by unprincipled Pearson on the Aish Bau°) the Freons (or some of Them) try to steer up the Indians But Sir meake Peace with the whits and the Reads will come in to measurs, I heare you Intend starting home in a few Days Let Peace be Restored if Posible Before you go; If I could Do It with a Sertanty I could come and Bring in 5 or 6 of the Party fine yong men—and as I stated before in a former Letter, would be the means of Bringing the Party over— and Peace that is so Disciable to a close But the verry Idia of Norris Being Restored and Remaining in office will be the means of much Dissatisfaction and I feare for the consequence—Excuse the Trouble I give you in so many Imperfect Scrolls, let my feelings towerds you as a friend and an old acquaintance, and my Love and Desire for Peace be my Excuse, and as I heave Requested a Spaniard to wait five minits, for These lins and he hurrys. Pleas to Except of my Best wishes for your Health and happiness I am Dr. sir you most

Humble servant

B. J. Thompson

Col Austin

Capt. John W Frith Wm Jones Mr. Hays Mr H Hail Mr Sigler and others—Mr. Calhon &c are the men that would Return with me If they had assurence of Safety

B J Thompson

NB. Dr Sir I hope my Letters to you and Col Kinny will not be made Publick as thare are wrote in confidence