Francis Biggam to Stephen F. Austin, 02-13-1827

Summary: Disquieting reports from Texas.

monroe february 13th 1827

Dr friend

I recd your much esteemed favours a few Days ago I embrace the oppertunity of Mr Charles Hyde gowing out by water to state I am making every exarsition in my power to gett out imadently but so many crosses and Disapointments acur which I Can not cee or prevent that I alomost Dispair at times aded to the reports that is Dayly Coming in respecting the Countrey which I flater my self is groundless or at least the greatest part of them Mr Hide the bearer of this letter is brother to Hide that gross ows the money two which note I left in the office for Colection and gows out with Doc Theet (?) for the purpose of getting the money and I request you as a friend to forward him all in your power hee has got the rept for the same I recd from Mr Williams I expect to see you shortley as I am almost ready to start I will then bee able to show you in publieke prints what news is aflot but I hope all will settle Down in peace I have been agood Deal sicke since I Came home owing to my steat of health on my arival as I was almost wore out before I got home there is some intimations aflot that the united states has empowered an ambasedore to treat for that section of the Countrey Cotton is almost given nothing and nothing else will Comand money rember mee to your Broather and Mr Williams I have no news worth stating to I see you which will not bee long and concluded by saying I am yours Cincerly

Fras Biggam

Corl F Austin