John Sibley to Stephen F. Austin, 02-18-1827

Summary: Political news. English designs on Cuba.

Natchitoches Feby, 18-1827

Dr. Sir:

I have just Recd by Mr Dubois your favour of the 9th Inst: the receipt of which gave me great pleasure as Mr Dubois Returns in an hour I have time only to Acknowledge the Receipt of your letter, to Bundle up in a hurry a few news papers for you. Mr Dubois tells me Mr Ranaz will leave here in two days by him you shall hear from me again. I am now in tolerable health though for eight months past I have been sick half the time. I am happy to hear of the Restoration of tranquility at Nacogdoches I with pleasure heard of the unanimity of the People of your colony to support Govt there never was a more silly, wild, Quicksotic scheme than that of Nacogdoches, and all sober honest thinking people here view it in the same light—I wish it was in my Power to communicate to you the stipulations of a Treaty now before the senate of the U. S. Relative to the Boundaries between us and Mexico, such a treaty has been signed by the Ministers of the two governments, but what will be the future Boundary is not made public.—I wish we may Embrace your Colony.—

You will find in the Washington Paper of the 15th Ult: some very important European News, all Europe may be embroiled in war. God protect the United States from that calamity, if we should be drawn into it, it will be about The Island of Cuba, we cannot suffer England to hold it, they have already shut their colonial Ports against our vessels, they will do the same in the Ports of Cuba should they occupy it. You mention Trinity the Aishe Bayou and perhaps Sabine; is it not possible for you to come as far as this place when you are so near us ? I am sorry to hear of the Death of George Smyth, an event long expected, indeed he lived longer than I thought he could when I last saw him. I have no time to Enlarge this letter as the bearer setts off so soon. You will hear from me again in two or three days In the mean time take this opportunity to assure you of my verry great Esteem and Regard

John Sibley [Rubric]

Note, your expressions of Lenity towards the Prisoners are humane to the Extream, the Crime of high treason could in no Govt be passed over so lightly, I am but slightly acquainted with any of them but most with the worthless unprincipled Seymour

The Honble. Stephen F. Austin

[Addressed:] Honble. Stephen F. Austin at Nacogdoches