J. E. B. Austin to Mrs. E. M. Perry, 02-23-1827

Summary: Fears effect of the Fredonian rebellion upon immigration. Report of sale of Texas to United States. This is certain in future if not already accomplished.

[The Nacogdoches Insurgents were] treated with a degree of lenity by the Mexicans they had no right to expect from the nature of their crimes—and which I will vouchsafe would not have been shewn them in their native country for similar offences—As to the indians it appears that in place of twenty three tribes, having joined the Fredonians only a small portion of the Cherokees immediately under the influence of Fields and Hunter had entered into the alliance, and they together with the Chief have fled for safety to the other side of the Sabine—The ballance of the tribes in this section of the country are expected here in two or three days when I hope a final adjustment of Indian affairs will take place—Inclosed I send you a copy of two addresses one from Stephen to the Colonists—and the other from Benjamin Edwards to the same, perhaps they will not be inserted in any of the gacettes of Missouri. I am fearful the late disturbance will put a temporary check to emigration.

I find by letter we received from Mr. Perry a few days since that all hope of recovering the Mine Au Burton estate is over—I did hope. that we should have been enabled to have recovered it, but for [my] part I am satisfied,—as a few years will place us in a situation (in a pecuniary point of view) far different from what we have been— Report says this Valuable Country is about to be ceded to the U. S.—some are of opinion that it is already— I know this much— during my last visit to Saltillo a Mexican gentleman informed me that previous to his leaving Mexico—a proposal had been made by Mr Poinsett to purchase this Country as far as the Rio Grande his proposition was not acceded to on the part of this Govt, but it is supposed another proposition was since made which has been acceded to—Should this take place (which in my opinion will sooner or later) We would not take less than $500-000 for our interest in this Country—a private letter from Mr Poinsett states that the claims of Empresarios who have complyed with their contracts will be respected— Give my respects to Mr. Perry, and kiss the little ones Stephen sends his love—We expect to leave this in a few days for the Colony—do write me often—I have not seen a letter from you for something more than one year.—

Jas B Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Mrs. Emily M Perry. Potosi, Missouri Mail

[Endorsed:] James B Austin Nacogdoches 23d Feby 1827