James Kerr to Stephen F. Austin, 02-24-1827

Summary: Property seized by De Leon.

24th. fbuary 1827

Colo S. F. Austin

Sir, I have to complain (through you) to his Excellency the Political Chief of Martin Delion and Don Manchóles (Viz) that they have not returned to me, nor to any person for me, the within described gun, according to the order of his Excellency, and that I therefore pray to be remunerated with the price of the same $30.00 and also the damages done to my own two guns which have been returned, as pr. within Cert 9.00

I hope you will oblige me to lay this before his Excellency etc that I may have restitution made to me by the said Delion and manchóles

James Kerr

Collorado District January 30th 1827

We the subscribed Do certify that the gun that Mr James kerr Borowed of Clarissa Griflfen was.—New and complete in all parts and that the price was thirty Dollars cash said Gun was small Bore walnut stock Iron Mounting and Double triggers Given under our hands

Jn° Andrews

James Cummins [Rubric]

I do hereby certify that the above gun was by me taken to the station on the Labaca, and that it was—with other guns siezed and taken away by Martin Delion and Moncholes—and that it has not been returned agreeable to the order of the Political Chief.

Given under my hand this 30th. day of January 1827.

James Kerr

Dewitt's Colony Labaca Station,—I hereby certify that, Martin Delion and moncholes in Nov. last siezed and caused to be taken away two Rifle Guns besides the one above discribed by John Andrews and James Cummins: that the same two guns have been returnd but damaged (viz)—

The Cock of 1 oí the locks brock and cost me one Dollar fifty cts_____ 1. 50

Screw part of same lost________ 1.00

The other gun stock broke________________________________________ 5.00

Tumble of the lock broke______________________________________ 1.00

Thimble rod and socket end of wipers lost--------------------------------------- . 50


24th feby. 1827

James Kerr