James Kerr to Stephen F. Austin, 02-26-1827

Summary: Movements of Indians.

Station on the Labaca 26th febuary 1827

Dear sir

I am sorry to be the herrold of bad news—Baptist Lacount came here 2 days since who states that a very large band of Comanches, and Weehoes, had attacked Cahoe's party of the lepans, and nearly all the tonkowas, on the San Marcos rio about 9 miles above the Town of Gonzalez—that the lepans and tonkowas were whiped with the loss of 5 or 600 horses, and that they retreated down the river—some of them (the lepans) are now at Delions—the fort at Gonzales was not finished, and what few men was there were in greate danger— some of them talke'd of leaving the place, another defeat in attempting to settle the Sn Marks if not already, will soon take place.

Inclosed you will have some certificates—I have call'd on the Colo, to make out certificates relative to . . . guns, and those that were in his charg, but [he has] not done so.

The people here seeme industrious, and are useing much exertions to plant corn etc they are all in good health. They are anxious that the Colo, should appoint some person as an agent in fact to manage his business------think of this------and perhaps you had better write to him—

We have had a great [d]eal of rain; so much that we can not plant:

James Kerr

Note Please write to me by the first opportunity

[Addressed:] Colo S. Austin San felipe de Austin Care of Major Philips Colorado

26th February Capt Lockhart has just came from Gonzales and [states] that, he quit surveying and joined the settlers and assisted in building the fort—that they resolved to keep the place etc and that they [are] planting corn there. Be will return tomorrow. Could a small piece of arteary [artillery] be obtained from the Govt, it would no doubt be of great utility to that place—would be glad if you would mention this to His Excellency the Chief of the Department.

James Kerr