John Sibley to Stephen F. Austin, 03-12-1827

Summary: Report that United States has acquired part of Texas. British designs on Cuba.

Natchitoches March 12. 1827

Dr. Sir.

I had the pleasure to Receive your letter by Col Milam dated Nacogdoches March 4th—for which I thank you. You say you had not Recd a packet I sent you by Mr. Dubois when I mentioned that to Col. Milam he informed me that Dubois had not arrived when he left you—I Embrace the Opportunity by Col Thorn of sending you a few papers to which Refer you for the news as we have it. several circumstances have Occurred corroborative of the Report of Taxas or some part of it being ceded to the United States it will in a short time be officially communicated Genl Gains left here this Morning we shall heare from him from Baton Rouge some new disposition of the U. S. Troops in this quarter will soon be made a Regiment probably will soon be Rendezvoued at Cantonment Jessup— If it was possible for you to Remain in the district of Nacogdoches for a short time I have no doubt but you may be farther informed on that subject, it may be of great Interest. Our Congress Rose the 4th of March without finishing one half of the Business before them it may be necessary for the President to call the members together again before the Meeting Ordinary. Our Relations with England may Require it. There is some Reason to believe England may attempt to occupy Cuba that we cannot agree to, that Govt has already shut their West India Ports to our Vessels, they would do the same in Cuba did they command that islandEngland is now engaged in defending Portugal against the agressions of Spain, when that affair is finished, which cannot last long they will be Looking Out for new Employment for their immence Land and Naval forse, the Bermes War in India is settled.—

I send you some More News papers There is a man leaving here by the name of John Williams, who says he lived some time in the Trinity Bay, he says he has a Grant from you of a League Square of Land you will oblige me if you will inform me if his Right is a good one and if he should transfer his Right if it would be good, and what formality would be required in Case of a sale. As I contemplate moving into that Country in some future time I feel Enclined to secure some Land for the Benefit of my children—Some suspension of our correspondence did take place. I am not disposed to discuss the subject relative to who was in fault. I dislike to look backwards, much more than forward.—You will greatly Oblige me by attending to my demand against the State of John McFarlane I am told his place is valuable. I will take that in full discharge of my judgement provided by your Permission I can obtain a Right.—you will Add to my present Obligations to you If you will give me such information about it as the case will suggest to you I might wish to know. Our Legislature will rise this week, the River is in fine Steam Boating Order. I know of nothing important the Legislature has done It has been occupied much in private matters, giving the Right of granting divorces to the District Courts, and seperating the corporation of New Orleans are the principal things.

If I could have known at what time you would have been at Sabine I certainly would have met you there, we wish much to have some arangement about our Exchange of Mails from Mexico

When you see your Brother please to present to him my compliments and Best wishes. I wish he would write to me occasionally a correspondence with him would give me pleasure. I shall be glad to serve him and you in any way in my Power. I Expect Judge Johnston in three or four Weeks, his family will remain at Washington of course his visit to Louisiana will be short.

John Sibley

Hon S. F. Austin

[Addressed:] Honble. Stephen F. Austin Nacogdochis-by Col Thorn