M. Slocum to Stephen F. Austin, 03-13-1827

Summary: Disclaiming responsibility for statements which he has published in his paper.

Natchitoches, March 13th 1827

Col. S. F. Austin

Sir, I have understood from several persons that you were highly Displeased with the course which I have pursued relative to the late insurection in your province, in relation to the statements which have been made by me, in relation to your Collony, in my paper—I can assure you Sir, if any eroneous statements have been made by me they were unintentional and that the columns of my paper will be open to any one who wishes to refute them—

As to the communications which have appeared I am not responsible for no further than they go to impeach private character, and where that is done I shall always be ready to give up the author—As for the Editorial part I defy any person to point to the sentence which speaks favourable to the measures of the far famed Fredonians, but in admitting their proclamations I have done as other printers would and if they have in anny manner injured the country by their statements it will afford me pleasure to give any communications which may be made to refute them, an insertion—.

If you feel disposed to encourage my paper I should be happy to get you to use your influence in your Colony and the country generally, to extend its circulation—I[f] you feel disposed to do so please to inform me and I will send you papers for this purpose

M Slocum

Col. S. F. Austin Nacogdoches, Texas.