M. Slocum to Stephen F. Austin, 03-27-1827

Summary: Disapproval of the insurgents. Purchase of Texas.

Natchitoches March 27. 1827

Dr. Sir,

I have thro the politeness of Mr Cable, recd your favour of the 24th inst. It gives me pleasure to learn that you do not attribute to me bad motives for the course I have pursued relative to the late unfortunate troubles which have been brought upon your province by the late Fredonians

I can assure you that every person in this place is opposed to the conduct of these late renegades—and also throought the U. S. with the exception of a few who would be glad to embark in any course, however desperate and unprincipled—

You have probably ere this heard the report that H. Clay, sec. of State has wrote to a Mr. Stockton, of Virginia that the U. S, were in Treaty for the purchase of the Province of TexasMr. Clay, has denied ever having intimated any thing of that nature— If convenient I should be glad to obtain the Constitution of the Province of Texas and Cohuila, as soon as it is published for the purpose of republishing in English—Also any Mexican papers you may be able to spare for the purpose of translation I will send you nothern papers at every convenient opportunity, which I am in hopes I will be able to do regularly thro the kind aid of Mr Cable

Milton Slocum

Col. S. F. Austin

P. S. If you will send papers or any communications you may wish to make Mr. Durst, he will forward them on

M. S.

[Addressed:] Col: S. F. Austin, Nacogdoches, Tex