J. Cable to Stephen F. Austin, 03-28-1827

Summary: Performance of certain commissions.

Natchitoches, 28th. March 1827.

Dear Sir,

I reed your letter of the 23d. March by Mr. John Cortes, and; Enclosed letter to M. Slocum last evening and Slocum has Put your name down as a subscriber to the courier and will Forwd__

it as circumstances will admit— I have Inclosed two letters To Samuel M. Williams and some News Papers of late dates which may give you some news that you have not Recd. I forwd— them by a Mr. Wetherspoon stranger to me who is a going to St. Phillipe De Austin there was no letters in our Post Office for you__

I wish you would doe me the favor to send me some Mexican News Papers if you can Obtain them convenient, Mrs Cable wishes to be remembered to you—I am your friend

J. Cable

P. S. if you are in Nacogdoches when you receive this Please to tell John Durst th[at] his family is well—

J. Cable

[Addressed:] Col. Stephen F Austin Nacogdoches Texas