Ben Milam to Stephen F. Austin, 03-30-1827

Summary: Distressed at exclusion of slavery and at the admission of the Shawnee Indians.

Natchitoches March 30th 1827

Col Austin

Dr Sir I received your favor by Mr Cortis and am much conserned in consequence of the many troubles and difficulties that appear to oppose the colonizing sistem

The manner in which the slave question is desided will be a grait objection to the American population and I fear will put a Suden stop to that population, that would be benificial to Embroserios [empresarios.] The shawnies you say is admited by an order of the Governor to become setlers, and I understand it corectly they have all the privaleges of other citizens in cais they cultivait the soil. If this be the cais we may bid adue to our antisapated pleasure for society never will improve under those circumstances

As it respects the commercial arangement I was not able to do aneything definait I converst with Jas W Zacharia he I believe would Enter in to the business if he was sertain the parties was well acquainted with the Mercantile business

I am of the opinion that it would be well for John Austin to visit Orleans give to Zacharia a fool [full] description of the Country and the prospects of traid and I have no doubt but he would advans to aney amount that would be required

I only spent three days in Neworleans and had not an opertunity of completing the hole of my business and had not a decisive answer on yours whil in Orleans I received leter from wavell as lait as the 30 of December he has much dificulty in making his aragements but says he will leave in a few weaks for this plais.

As it respects the Extention of teritory I believe it has all blown over as there has been nothing said on the subject through the hole sesión of congress.

I leave this in the morning for pecoun pint [Pecan Point]. A little Tristy in consiquens of the inducements Extended to the Indians by the Government. I feare they will be a little troublesom to the setelments but I will distroy Every thing like discord as fair as is in my power and hope for a chainge a spedy chainge for the better

Ben E Milam

Give my respects to all friends and write as often as you have opertunity—the fredonians is all here rather under the wether [Addressed:] Col Stephen F Austin San philipa de Austin Texas