William Bloodgood to Stephen F. Austin, 04-04-1827

Summary: Land troubles.

April 4th—1827

Col. Stephen F. Austin

Please to settle the dispute between myself and E. Brinson about a piece of land bought of said Brinson by me for 25 cents per acre this being while the Alcalde was absent a bond was drawn for the same [by] Daniel E Bailes calling for six square acres front runing parallel with the uper lint of Brinsons league to the back line Now said Brinson refuses to give a deed for acres but has surveyed a like quantity of arpents for me which I refuse to receive—

He also wishes to alter his lines so as to make his league narrower and longer which will be prejudicial to my purchase—Now sir you will oblige me if you will assure me if a man contracts for acres if he can be compelled to take arpents—this will perhaps save me some trouble I am poor and do not wish to incur Expences But dont wish to be wronged—

I further wish to trouble you with the Examination of a receipt for the payment of another piece of land purchased of the same man which also specifies acres and remains unsettled which is here inclosed please send the receipt to me by Mr- Hunter

Wm Bloodgood

Col S. F. Austin