John R. Harris to Stephen F. Austin, 04-15-1827

Summary: Judicial procedure.

Harrisburg, April 15, 1827.

Col. Stephen F. Austin

Dear Sir at the request of the widow McCormick I have taken the liberty to address you on the subject of her difficulties with Johnson Hunter, while acting as alcalde I recd an Order from you to appoint six disentristed men to settle all difficulties between them I made the appointments agreeable to your request, and the Arbitrators awarded to John Hunter thirty Nine Dollars with costs, of suit. Mrs. McCormick has caled on Jackson, the Alcalde for an appeal in order to have a new Trial and have it brought before your honor. Jackson refuses to grant it on the ground that all such suit was to be settle'd in this district, her object in visiting your place is to get an order from you to the alcalde of San Jacinto to send the papers up to you. and have it try'd before your honorable court at the next Term— Earle has arrived at the mouth of the Trinity with the Schooner Augusta, with four or five families on board, you informed me that I could have my league altered so as to make it wider than the present survey, as it now stands it is only 2400 Bars wide the alteration that I want to make is not agoing to interf ear with any one. and I would be under obligations to you to forward by Mrs. McCormick. the plot of my league of land on Buffaloe Bayou, (or a copy of it) that I deposited in your, your compliance will lay me under many obligations.

John R. Harris [Rubric]