Stephen F. Austin to General Public, 04-16-1827

Summary: Closing business of first colony. Land fees.


Is hereby given that every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be exclusively devoted to Closing the Concerns of the first Colony settled by the Empressario Stephen F. Austin until finished, and no other business will be attended to on those days either by the Empresario or Commsisioner on the other days of the Week applications will be recd for Land in the new Colony of said Austin which must be presented to the Commissioner in the manner prescribed by Law—

The following provisional regulation for fees on Land in the new Colony is adopted until the fee bill is recd from the Govt, and the settler will be liable to pay any that may be established over the following rates.

To the Commissioner Thirty Dollars on each title above the quantity of

a Labor To the Empresarioditto ditto do do do—

To the SecretaryTen ditto do

One half of the above fees must be paid on the presentation and admission of the petition and the other half on receipt of the title—

The petition and title must be on Stamped paper of the 3d Seal and the Copies on the 2d Seal which must be paid in Cash by the applicants. Surveying fees will be four dollars per mile to be settled by the Colonists with the Surveyors commissioned for the Colony. These fees are independent of the acknowledgement of Thirty dollars per League due to the Govt, and payable within Six years,

Sn felepe de Austin 16th Apr 1827