Bryrd Lockhart, Green De Witt, James Kerr to Stephen F. Austin, 06-02-1827

Summary: Application for permit to settle.

To S. F. Austin Esqr

Empresario of the Colony of his name consisting of three hundred families and also of a new Colony of five hundred families in the Department of Texas Byrd Lockhart late of the State of Missouri United States of the North, represents: That being desirous to settle himself in this department; to cultivate the Earth by agricultureal pursuit and also to introduce stock and promote the raising and multiplication thereof—

He therefore Petitions you to reserve one League of land for him situated on the East side of the Rio La Vaca; and it being the second League below the one Surveyed by Mr. James Kerr for Robert Guthrie—Your Petitioner is aware that the above League is within the ten litteral Leagues reserved by the Government, but he is under the impression that you will shortly be authorized to settle said reserve, in which ease your petitioner hopes you will permit him to occupy, improve and cultivate said League agreeable to the provisions of the Colonization Law.

Your petitioner further represents that he has several relations and friends who are desirous to emigrate to this Department and who he believes are honest and industrious Citizens: and as the only convenient way for them to remove their families and effects to the Country is by water, they will necessarily bring a years provisions with them.— It is obvious therefore that they will for a while be confined near the ship landing and in order to facilitate them in the ardious undertaking of migrating hither your petitioner prays that you will be pleased to permit him to select one League of Land on the Navidad and opposite or nearly so to Mr. Kerr's League on the La Vaca for the purpose of making a dense and Strong Settlement by dividing said League of Land among Said emigrants:—And your Petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray

Byrd Lockhart

Lavaca 3d June 1827

It gives us pleasure to state that we have long been acquainted with the above petitioner Capt Bjrd Lockhart; that his character has ever been that of a Gentleman in the first circles: he has always been remarkable for his industry, perseverance, and integrity .-—Should it be in the power of Col. Austin to admit his petition we feel no hesitation in saying that the Colonel will find the petitioner to be a man of the utmost utility in forming a new Settlement and a valuable Citizen also to furnish to us a neighbor with whom we shall all find pleasure.

Green DeWitt [Rubric]

James Kerr

La Vaca 4th June 1827.