S. T. Angier to Stephen F. Austin, 06-03-1827

Summary: Application for land.

June 3d 1827.

Sir, I have visited the lands on Chocolate Bayou at The request of Mr J. B. Hall; and Think a league can be obtained, having Timber suitable for lumber; and a water privilige That may be used four months in The year. I feel willing To choose the land for him, if The lines can be run To his liking otherwise it will be of little account; for The timbered land is very narrow.

Lest I may not be able To see you soon, (for I have been waiting Mr Hall's return) that I may know my own chance for obtaining land, before you leave us for The interior; I wish To know whether, in case you have not made me a selection, I may not have land That is forfeited and lying without the Ten leagues reserved. For I understand That The land granted to Joseph Calvert is To be forfeited, if so, I would like To procure it, should it meet your approbation.

[Endorsed:] Angier June 3d 1827