Francis Biggam to Stephen F. Austin, 08-01-1827

Summary: Slavery. Commerce.

Monroe Aug 1—1827

Dr friend

My long Cilence I am afraid will lead you to Congecture that I am numbered amongest the Dead I am still alive but has suferd agreat Deal of sickness from the fitages I have underwent acornpained with a great Deal of Disapointmints I recd your letter which aforded me agreat Deal of Satisfaction to find that it was your opinion that slavery would bee alowed and I amatently [immediately] prepered to move and was on the eave of it when by my exarsion to gett readey I was relapsed and if it was not for the best of Care and medical skill I was gone to the world of spirits it was long ere I was so recovered as to bee able to proceed when a unspected event tooke place in the Death of Merritt my son inlaw as hee had given him self up to Drinke some time before which Carried him of and has left his estate much involved and am afraied will souse (?) mee out of two thousand Dollars which I have Judgement for and will be obliged to wait till Court which will take place in October for when hee found his Disolution aproaching hee not onley sined over all hee was possesed of but also give his broather of orlains a note for four thousand Dollars so as to Cover his property and keep me out of my lawfull right and Hide & Merritt of Orlains is since broke and how it will bee Desided I am at a loss to tell to Court as boath Judgements was obtained in one Day but mine was first but at that time I shall move the principal part of my property at all events and shall proceed as fast as possible Mrs Biggam I am afraid Avill not acompaney mee as shee Constantley hear such unpleasant teal of the Countrey and people and Indians I have given you the out lines of what I have sufered and the impediments that has laid in my way after visiting the Countrey so often and spending so much money in so Doing and being of such use to the inhabitants as all I ever tooke there is there still my reasons for menshing this is that I was informed but I shall never Creditt unless from your own mouth that if I was not on the brasses by September that you would give my land to a nother I have stated my reasons which I can prove to bee true my broather acompiney mee out and although I was not there I have been working or having it Don as I have gott three Hundred pair of the best broagans shoes you ever saw which I intend to Carrey out when I move and if it bee your Desire will to take away my land after all I have Don and sufered for the Countrey I shall bow Down with reference and shall place it among one of my visitucles of [fate?] but untill that happens I shall ever name you among my warmest friends and well wishers and the a[n]corage I shall Cast my last hope on I have Directed this to you on the brasses under Cover to the poast master aftere the post paid of Nackendosh with a request to forward it as son as posible I Can ad no more ti[ll] I see you and under those Considerations I shall subscribe My self your friend & H St

Fras Biggam

[Addressed:] Coln Stephen F Austin St phillips D Austin brasses river province of taxes pr mail postage paid