Mrs. J. H. Hawkins [George Ann Hawkins] to Stephen F. Austin, 08-04-1827

Summary: Concerning division of the premium lands in the colony and sale in England.

Gallatin County Kentucky

4th Aug. 1827.

Mr. S. F. Austin

Dear Sir I thank you for your letter of the 4th May last, which I recd some time ago Post mark New Or. 27th May—I have not seen Coin. Nicholas, nor have I recd of late any communication from Mr. Cox concerning Texas

I have no objection to a division, and will send out an agent if I can, but my present impression is that I shall not be able to engage a suitable one for some time, Mr. Sanders has a large family and newly settled in the woods, their interests, requires his presence at home, it will not be convenient for him to leave home so long—

I am like yourself destitute of means to appropriate anything at present towards your settlements, and must wait untill something more propetious presents itself—What do you think of the propriety of sending an agent to England to make sales there of the lands? great number of emigrants are now leaving that country, artizans manufactures and farmers, may be something could be effected that way, If your title is such as could be disposed of— Some gentleman having other business might undertake this so as not to make the expence burthensome—please let me hear your views

Mr. Sanders thinks your province being without the U. S. there would be no great inducement to cultivate sugar on act of the duties unless you had some other market

Would there be any office in the civil administration of your provincial govt, that would suit Coln. Nicholas and him the office ?

My second son Edmund is placed in a house of business at Louisville, with great respect your friend and obt Servt.

George Anne Hawkins