Mary W. Ellis to Stephen F. Austin, 09-03-1827

Summary: Message to her husband.

Sept 3 1827, Franklin County, Ala

Col Austin-

Dear sir I am the wife of Judge Ellis from Alabama he went to Texas to Collect a debt due from Col pettus which debt he was security for and pettus ran away from here and left him to pay and I wish you to state to Judge Ellis if he dont Come home directly he will have his property sold for pettus the ballance due is usery that part I suppose pettus will not pay Col Pettus has treated Judge Ellis veary ill and bad about it I have not herd from my husband since the 30 of may for god sake let me know what has become of him since that time and whare he is if he is thare let his see this letter for god sake write me and let me know and if he is dead take care of his property untill I can send for it this from apoore woman that [is] in the cleepist destress pray write amediately and direct your letter to Tuscumby franklin County Alabama and I will take it as agreat favor

Mary W Ellis

[Addressed:] 25 Paid The P. M. at Nachitoches will please forward this by the first safe hand. Col. Stephen F. Austin Province of Texas Via Nachitoches State of Louisiania