H. H. League to Stephen F. Austin, 09-10-1827

Summary: Asking Austin to act for the Nashville company in Saltillo. Disturbances in the colony.

Dear Sir

From the shortness of the notice and my unprepared situation I find it will be impossible for me to meet you in Saltillo. I had determined to set out in October nor will it be possible for me under Existing circumstances to set out sooner. I grately regret that I can not go on. and since you have the goodness to offer your assistance in the Business and it will be impossible for me to meet you in Saltillo. I am certain that you can do infihately more by haveing the documents without my presents than I could possibly doo by being thare without yours; I have therefore sent you the whole of the documents that is in my possession, with a full power of attorney to act in all Respects for me: I rote on to the company at Nashville by General Fulerton for other Necessary documents and also for funds to be sent by mail to nachitoches. I started a man for them about Two weeks since but he has not had time to return. Should I receive any necessary papers from thare in time for them to Reach you before you leave I will inclose them by mail to you.

You mentioned in your communication that you would be short of funds I doubt not but I will receive as much as $500 from the company by my Return from nachitoches and should you have occasion to draw on me and you can make it answer you any purpose your Draft shall be honoured and paid as soon as the funds shall come to hand.

I have also inclosed you a bill of directions imbracing some of the wishes of the company any of the requests that you may think unpopular or Improper to ask you will please to omit and any thing that you may Esteam advantageous or proper to be asked for you will pleas to do so though it is not in the memorial or bill of directions

The difficulty that was apprehended on account of Daton is over he has been punished and driven out of the colony, his designs on the Colony was full of mischief and Rebellion and had become more formidable than any of us imagined and was On the Eave of brakeing out but it is fortunately Over, your brother Mr. Williams and I will write you more fully on the subject, it is all important for many reasons that I should remain here until after court, if matters is properly managed then the tranquility and future harmony of the colony will be more permanently Established than ever, the circumstance of this appeal in the case Payton, Vs, Parker is daily producing more and more Excitement. I have used Every Exertion in my power to have it compromised and thought once I had done so by Peyton giving up the damages allowed him and paying the cost of the suit which he agreed to do but was afterwards broken off by Parker, if it is in your Power to put a stop to the Proceedings it will be a finishing stroke to Publick tranquility, the health of the colony has been good my self and family has in joyed fine health.

Sept. 10 1827

H. H. League [Rubric]

Col. Stephen F. Austin