H. H. League to Stephen F. Austin, 09-10-1827

Summary: Stockholders in the Nashville company. Plans of the company.

It is the wish of the Company that they as a Company may be Recognized as the proprietors of the colony, that the persons names assigned to the Memorial may be Recognized as Directors of the company, the company Concisted first of 52 persons towit Nelson PatersonWilliam CampbellIra IngramJ. RoanW. Tanne- hillFelix Robinson—Thos HillWilliam BarrowSam B. MarshellJ. McLoughlinJohn W. OvertonJohn P, ErwinSimon BradfordJohn CriddleGeorge A. BedfordJohn WatersHenry P. LoydAlexr—BarrowHorace GreenE. TalbotDaniel A. DunhamPeyton RobisonJames R. RobertsonJohn M. RobertsonPleasant CraddockWilliam B. RobisonDavid B. GreenWilliam HardingSam. HoustonJohn D. BowenA. W. JohnstonCharles DouglasJohn HardingAbram DemossWill WilliamsJohn Davis—-James R. BaslieIsaac. WatkinsRobert HillLeonard P. CheathamWill WhiteJames S. MartinJames PatesonEdward DanielHugh Rollend Josiah HortonRoger B. SappingtonAbram P. MurrayJoel ParishS. C. Robison [Robertson]Sam L. Whorton—Mathew Barrow

After Andrew Erwin and Robert Leftwich went on to Mexico the Company held a meeting and Twenty two persons more became interested whose names I have not but amongst them is Andrew HynesRichard Hyde John Shelby and James Overton who is now Directors of the company

After the Return of Mr. Leftwich from the Republick of Mexico to the united States those 74 share holders had a meting and Subdivided Each share in to 8 Parts making 592 in all and distributed them amongst their Particular friends in Certificates intending that Each-Certificate should entitle a man to Save [sic] a League square of land, they having the Requisate Qualifications prescribed by the colonization Law—and these persons amongst whome thease Certificates wer divided Paid in the Sum or Sums of mony mentioned in the Companies Memorial, it is therefore praied by the company that Every person holding one of those certificates shall have a preference of Settleing in the colony to one that has none until the 592 is setled and then the ballance of the 800 Families to be setled in the ordinary way they at the Same time complying with the laws of the Land

they also desire that the boundery of the colony may be Extended making the Colorado River the Boundery on the west and if any further Extention can be added in any way it will be much advantage to the Colony to do so—and be thankfully received I am Authorised by the company to Vouch to the Government in their name that they will introduce none but honest industrious Agriculturists and stock Raisers the most of whom is wealthy, and that the population shall be Immediately brought into the Country to an amount sufficient to defend that [part] of the Frontier, that all due faith and obeidence shall be observed toward the Constitution and laws of the Government and due Respect paid to all Constituted Authorities.

from your Experience in the Buisness of collonizeing and knowing as you do the Foliey of the Government it is much safer for me to depend entirely on your Judgement to point out the Necessary Requisites for the advancement of the colony which I hope you will attend to than to prescribe my self should the Change be made according to the Prayre of the memorial you will pleas to inform me by letter Immediately that I may communicate with the company and be preparing for the Settlement-

San Felipe De Austin the 10 Sept 1827

H. H. League