R. R. Royall to Stephen F. Austin, 10-10-1827

Summary: Plans for returning to Texas.

Tuscumbia Ala, Octr 10th 1827

Col Austin

Dear Sir The Bearer affords me an opportunity of communicating with you by private hand which Renders its passage more certain. I have felt much anxiety about that country and still feel But the Last measure of Your Govt on the slave question totally forbids by mooveing there under existing circumstances Yet I will most certainly see that country again probably in about 12 or 18 months from this if not Required sooner to attend to my Land claims which If necessary you will please apprise me. I have a wish to make an establishment there of a stock pen and probably will come prepared for the purpose and If so may make it a partial Residence and If the named objection should be Removed there is no country in which I would be contented to till the soil except that while Texas is Recollected by me.

Judge Ellis' letter to his Lady dated in Augt. came to hand and before you receive this he will no doubt have departed for home If not his family remains as usuall except Mrs. Ellis has sold his Land and is Looking with much anxiety for his Return his Business Remains otherwise as he left it and his family generally well and much Restored since the Rect of his letter in feelings as they had become very uneasy I will close after asking you to be so good as to Honour me with some Information from that country such as may be of Interest and particularly Relative to my Land claim which I left with you, what is Likely to be done with the old claims and what necessary on my part how are the prospects of the country generally etc It would give me great satisfaction as a matter of Interest and afford an additional pleasure from consideration of high Regard, present me to majr Herd If with you, your Brother and friends tell your Brother I have two as pretty grey hounds as he ever saw pups of Doctr Robertson's slutt which he had in Texas, and would send them If I knew the passage could be relyed upon, the old man (bearer) have known for some time by sight only.

R. R. Royall [Rubric]

Col S. F Austin.