Stephen F. Austin to Unknown, [10-1-1827?]

Summary: Austin's draft of a bill to establish a seminary of learning, [October 11 1827?].

[October 11, 1827?]

The Congress of the State of Coahuila y Texas have thought proper to decree as follows—

Considering Education as the basis of good morals of good order and of the Republican System of Govt, and seeing the necessity there is for the establishment of a Seminary at the Town of San Felipe de Austin in Texas for the purpose of instructing the Children of the new Colonists who have emigrated to that point in the Spanish language, Therefore it is decreed

1—That a Seminary of learning shall be established at the said Town of San Felipe de Austin in which shall be taught the various branches of Education

2. The Said Seminary shall be under the direction of 13 trustees who may [be] appointed yearly by the Ayuntamiento of Said Town of San Felipe de Austin; and the said trustees may appoint a President and secretary and treasurer, and shall employ all the teachers and make rules and regulations and Bye laws for the Government of said seminary and have the control of the funds belonging to it and appropriate the same for the use and benefit of said seminary

3—Untill there is an Ayuntamiento at the said Town of San Felipe de Austin the above named trustees shall be appointed by S. F. A. the Judge commissioned to administer the municipal government of said Town for the present—

4—For the endowment of said Seminary with funds there is hereby granted to it the quantity of Six Leagues of land to be selected by the said S. F. A. in such size tracts as he may deem most advantageous and in any part of the Country not otherwise disposed of East of the Colorado Rlver in Texas— An entry of said selections shall be made in the archives of the new Colony on the Brasos and Colorado at the said town of San Felipe de Austin and a certified copy therefor shall be sent to the Governor of this state who shall file the same in his office as an evidence of said entries-—

5. The said seminary shall form a Body Corporate under the name of the Seminary of Austin and may have a seal and buy and Sell property and sue and be sued—

6. The treasurer of said seminary shall publish annually an A/C of all the receipts and expenditures of said seminary for the information of the public