Elisha Roberts to Stephen F. Austin, 11-08-1827

Summary: Asking assistance in getting title to land in east Texas.

Ayish Bayou Taxas November 8th 1827

Col Stephen. F. Austin

Dear sir I have not heard any Tidings of the Petetion that I sent to the General Goverment for Land which makes me Rather Doubtful that the Political Chief may have Neglected sending them on as he Promised to do and I am confident that you Can do more for me in that business then any person in this Goverment I will make it worth your Trouble to get me a title I will Freely give you five huundred Dollars if you will be instrumental in procuring me a title and have it sent on to me you may Draw on me for any Expences you may be at to pay postage or any other Expences it would be a favour Ever to be acknowledged by me if you get me a title if the title is on the way I will pay you for what Trouble and Expences you may be at Col Gross has likewise promised me that he will do Every thing that he Can to have my title Carried into effect write to me and let me know how the business is going on Dear sir I with Respect your sinceer Friend

Elisha Roberts