James F Perry to Stephen F Austin, 03-02-1828

Summary: Conditions in Missouri. Local political news.

Potosi Missouri March 2d 1828

Dear Friends.

We take the opportunity of writing to you by Mr James Cole who says he is going directly to your Country we feel anxious to hear from you as we have not heard from you for a long time, the last letter we had was from James dated in July or august last in which he said he expected to [be] a married man on the 3d of Oct. We have not heard neether by letter or otherwise since we wrote you on the 22d of July last respecting some Land in Wyth County Virginia also a Tract in Newjersay we also wrote you on the 12th of august on the same subject none of which we have had a reply to on 22d of July we enclose [d] to you a note on Bartlet Sims in favr of Alfred Sougroun for $788.61. please say whether you recd it and if so what prospect there is for collecting the money. In Stephens letter to us of the 26th of May last he expresed a wish for me to visit that country last fall I feel anxious to see the Country but the situation of my business would not permit me to leave it nor is my prospect any better at preasant. Now our Family is all well at preasent but it has pleased divine providence to deprive us of our little daughter Emely. she was taken sudenly and died in a few hours without any previas sickness the shock was verry great the loss of a near relation is surely felt but no one knows the feeling of a parent but a parent. We have since had another added to our famaly a daughter about 2 months old we call hir Eliza Margrett. the boys Joel Austin and Guy are going to school and I think progress as well as boys of there age could be expected. I know of no material change among your old acquantences W C. Carr is our circuit Judge he was here two weeks since we have a great many enquiries for you all your old acquantences and friends apear anxious to hear how you are doing Business is very dul here at present the great emigration within the last year to the Fever River Mines togather with the low price of Lead has made business verry dull Lead is only worth now at the river $4.50 and but $5.60 in Phila Potosi has been and is still improving some we are now living on the lots formaly owned by Josiah Beardsley. I expect you recollect where they are we have got a small but comfortable house built and are making some other improvements and in a short time will be tolarably conveniantly fixed for living our country has improved since you left this country but not near as much as might be expected St Louis is improving rapidly. S Perry has purchased part of old Chouto lot opposit the market in that place and is building a house in it that he has rented for $1828. pr annum, the aproching presidentle Election creates a great interest: party spirit runs very high the members of Congress in all there offitial acts are verry much governed by party spirit, and it has a great influeance in all our state Elections and Legislational proceedings Administration and Anti administration Adams and Jackson Internal improvements and state rights are the subjects of differance. I think it will be a close contest it is uncertain who will be the next President the friends of each are verry sanguine. I know of nothing more interesting to write you excuse the scrawl as I have not time to copy Mr Cole is just starting write to us offener

J. F and Emily Perry

Mr. S. F. Austin & J. B Austin

Give our best respects to our new sisterinlaw if we have one [Addressed:] Col, Stephen F Austin or Jas B Austin San Felipe de Austin Provance of Texaspoliteness of Mr James Cole