Henry S. Brown to Stephen F Austin, 03-21-1828

Summary: There would be great emigration to Texas if status of slavery assured.

New Orleanes March the 21 1828

Col Auston

Dear sir I will inform you that I am still alived and have not for got the Texas I expect that I shall start with my family for that Contry this fall there is a good deal of talk about that Country in the Missouri and there is no doubt but the disturbance that took piase in edwards Colloney Caused a good many that was strongly in the way to moove to decline tho I think when they find every thing is going on well there a good many will moove from our Country there if it was so to happin that that Country was [to] fall in the hands of our goverment how son would it be one of the gratest, or in other words if slavery was admitted there or the people Cold be satisfied that they would be safe in taking there slaves there the emmigration would be grate I wold thank you to wright me on that subject and every other one that wold give information about the tines [times] of that Country one letter from you would do more good than 20 from some other men, I have bin informed after a certain time there cold be no more [slaves?] taking there perhaps after the first of January next tho that will give time for people to move this fall it is uncertain what part of the Contry I shall settle in tho I believe that I shall try near the cost

Henry S Brown

Col S F Auston

N b give my best respects to Mr S Williams tell him I would thank him kindley for a letter) my plase of residence Missouri Pike Col Waverley

[Addressed:] Col Stephen F Auston Austons Colloney Texas by Capt Harris