Thomas R Leaming to Stephen F Austin, 05-08-1828

Summary: Requests information in order to assist Austin in colonizing Austin's map of Texas.

Philada May 8th 1828

Stephen F. Austin Esq

Dear Sir


I feel disposed Sir to try to advance your interests in colonising your settlement and for this purpose would advise your sending me specific terms at length, which you grant to Settlers containing also a fuller description of the Country its face, health, situation, productions local advantages and the kind of settlers already there, their religion, whether all sects are tolerated there, if there is any established religion of the Government and how it is supported. I applied to Mr Tanner as you requested respecting publishing a map of Texas to which he acceded eagerly. He said that he would be at all the expense of engr[aving] and publishing and [furnish] you with a certain number of copies to be hereafter agreed upon. He supposed that as Coahuila was a part of the province of Texas you meant to include that. I could not answer this.

I have just seen Mr Tanner and he thinks the map should be about 45 by 33 inches and advises your laying it down on that scale He says he could not allow you more than a dozen copies for yourself as he must rely considerably on the sale by you to disburse the expenses. Not being willing to delay writing you any longer and being about to set off on a Journey tomorrow, I am compelled to be brief in this * * *

Thos K. Leaming