Frost Thorn to Stephen F Austin, 07-22-1828

Summary: The law permitting indenture of slaves will greatly promote immigration. Favors colonization of Cherokees and Shawnees, who are good farmers.

Nacogdoches 22 July 1828.

Dear Sir/.

On my return from N Orleans about 6 Weeks since, I was put in receipt of your letter stating a Law had passed, that servants could be indented etc—

The entelligence I immedeately made public, and am induced to believe the Law will be of great service to this Country. It has made a material change in the feelings of many valuable Emgrants and I will have it published in N. Orleans, that it may have publicity in the U. S.

Mr. Amos Edwards had Just arrived from Kentucky with several slaves, which would have required much management to secure, but this Law at once places him at ease on that subject.

Our Alcalde is not over active in promulgating the Laws— therefore your Letter in this case was usefull— should anything occur interesting to our section of the Country, you will confer a favr by noting it, to some one residing at this place.

Genl Teran keeps himself much reserved and I believe his residence with us will correct many evils that has much injured the country. I have no doubt but the proceedings at this place on the part of the alcalde has done more injury to the Country than any other cause. Most of the Transcient persons that visit here return disgusted

My Colony is at this time totally ocupied by the Indians. The Cherokees and Shaunesse are Agriculturists and do not live in villages but in a compact settlement. They raise much corn, and I have myself this season purchased from the Cherokees alone5 not less than 1000 Dollars worth of Corn and pease.

My belive is, that it would improve there condition to Colonise them— I will write to you frankly on this subject, in the course of a short time

F. Thorn [Rubric]

To Coin. S. F. Austin

St. filepe—