W A Ficklin to Stephen F Austin, 08-17-1828

Summary: Inquiring what advantages Austin's colony offers a physician.

Jackson La August 17 1828

Dear Sir:

The object of my writing you is to ascertain the prospects your colony offers-—to the young and enterprising When quite young I had the pleasure of knowing you at Potosi where my father continues to reside, five years ago I left home for the purpose of educating myself with those means only which industry Supplied— last March the degree of Doctor of medicine was conferred upon me by The Transylvania school, and am now engaged in the practice of my profession— the patronage extended to me is quite flattering to one of so utile experience as myself—

But the time for accumulating a fortune in this country by the practice is past, and with it the only inducement the country ever offered to emigrants

what is the size of San Filipe de Austin, its distance from the gulf from the city of Mexico and from Natchidoches the number of inhabitants in your colony, and the density of the population— the Health and the prospect a Physician would realize. I am well aware how much I trespass upon your time—upon your kindness— in inviting your attention to Subjects interesting to myself alone— I cannot offer in palliation the kindness—your family has always extended to mine, nor the marked friendship of your late excellent mother towards myself to her admonition am I more indebeted than to any other human being for the resuscitation from that state of obscurity, into which the early pecuneary misfortunes of my family had thrown me.—

You are already apprised of the unhappy state into which political Schism has thrown our republic— in S Carolina open oposition is threatened to the tariff how far their threat will be carried into effect we can form no idia. their leading Politicians take a promenent stand with the opposition, verry considerable doubt exists of the relection of Mr Adams—. I cannot but hope there is a redeeming spirit in the land which will counteract the effects of military deeds upon the deluded multitude

The Respects of an old Schoolfellow to you Brother

W. A. Ficklin

Mr. S F Austin

H K Schoolcraft Esqr A Scientific gentleman who for a considerable time during your absence resided with your father has received a high appointment by government in a Southern Exploring expedition