Peter Ellis Bean to Stephen F Austin, 03-18-1829

Summary: Assuring Austin that reports of Spanish invasion unfounded. Opinion of law to protect debtors.

Nacagdoches March the 18ths 1829

Sor Corl Dn Esteban F, Austin

My Dr Sir I have Recivd a letter from you with out Dait Stating that Corl Pedras had Sent you and ofiseal Stating that thare was an Expodision fiting out in the Habana for this Cuntrey thare was a rumor en Neworlans that en the Habana they was aPresing Vesels to Carry men to Some Port, But in a few Days after all Was Contradicted and aserted that it was fals and By what I Can larn if the Spanish troops leaves Havana thare will with out [doubt] be a Revilusion in that Piase and I expect that in Spain they are now in the same as the french troop had orders to march from Spain and at that moment it was Begun in Some Parts of Spain, But the Reason that Col. Pedras Rote this ofisial Was that a Mexican Rote By me and Before he ast me aney thing about it he Startid and Extreordenero Express as he Done onse Before When he Said that the Royalists was in tranity Bay But you will See that all is Nothing I am hapy to hear that your Peopel is all united in Defens of the Cuntrey Whare thir Intrust lies I gave you thanks for the Copey of the Law that Delebrate [delivers?] the Settlers of this Cuntrey from Paying Debts Before Contracted untill 12 years after the Date it will give Roome for men to make Property and not be Broke up as it has bin the wish of Some to Buy in the united Staits at and under value those Debts for spacilasion But I am hapy that thare is astop to all.

as for News Papers I have at the moment None But I will Send you Some as you Direct me as Soon as Posibel— I Should of answerd your letter last Mail But it Never Came to hand untill the Mail was Goan

I hop you will Pass the time well and Command Your friend

P. Ellis Bean [Rubric]