J E B Austin to Emily Perry, 05-26-1829

Summary: Rapid settlement of Texas. Cotton and sugar exports

Brasoria Texas. May 26th 1829

Dr Sister

I improve the opportunity which offers pr Schooner Eclipse, Cap. J. Austin which Sails to Morrow for N. Orleans of Acknowledging the recpt of Your letter dated the the 16 of April last, the dispach with which it came (only 15 days from Potosi) has Made the immense distance between us Seem Shorter than ever before. So much so Indeed that I have not wholly abandoned the anticipacion of Yet embracing you under the roof of my own Cabbin in this country, and from hints in your last letter, I really flatter myself that I shall have that pleasure this fall—our country is beginning to call the attention of capitalists not only in the U. S. but in Europe, and I am fully sensible that the period cannot be far distant when our fullest anticipaclons will be realized. I have nothing very interesting to communicate to you, the country is improving and Emigrants are dropping in almost daily. Crops look fine and we have every prospect of an abundant harvest, about 500 hundred Bales of Cotton was made last year for exportation and about sixty or 80 hogsheads of Sugar, this year the Sugar crop will treble and a much larger Cotton crop than ever before

Brother is now on a visit with us, he begins to look quite old and the wrinkles are becomeing plainer daily, I think this fall he will visit Missouri he intended doing so this Spring but, being anxious to close all his Colony business he declined going in until it was accomplished entirely.

Eliza wrote you Sometime Since acknowledging the recpt of your letter accompanied by a box of garden Seeds which was very acceptable—she has promised to write you by the Vessel, and out brag you if possible, on Young Stephen—tho I say to her that odds are against her for she has but one to brag on and You have half a dozen- Remember me to Mr. Perry and tell Joel and Austin to improve their time, I shall want Austin in about a year from this, and in the mean time keep him at School, and let him attend closely to Arithmatic, as I expect to Make a business Man of him.

Write us often my dear Sister, I shall expect that you and Eliza will keep up a steady correspondence—females can always find Matter to fill one sheet and sometimes—two, to one another and therefore I intend in future to resign my letter writing (to you) principally to Eliza.

Kiss Mary for me and her Aunt who has promised me to send her some pieces of Embroydery and drawings of her own execution as soon [as] materials can be procured from N. Orleans. Brother

J. B. Austin [Rubric]

P S. Eliza begs you to excuse her for not writing by this conveyance, as she has been so engaged that she has not had time, but she has promised me to write by the next opportunity

[Addressed] Mrs. Emily M Perry Potosi Missouri [by] Schooner Eclipse