Samuel M Williams to Stephen F Austin, 06-09-1829

Summary: Shipping in Galveston Bay. Doctor Woodbury wants Austin's opinion about security of slaves in Texas. He says that Poinsett is interested in Zavala's contract to settle families in east Texas.

At Mr Scotts June 9th 1829

My Dear Sir

After much fatigue and some bruising the Eclipse has arrived safely at Rightors point bar. We got into Galveston Bay on Wednesday—Came into the Bay by the S. W. Channel—beat in and found it a good passage 11 feet shoalest Cast—I think it first rate for all vessels not over 9 feet draft of water.—We touched slightly on two bars but got off without difficulty—beat up to Redfish bar on Thursday morning—good Channel about 10 feet—from Thursday to Sunday evening We were watching the bar John and myself sounded it all over—We found it staked out but as the water was low hoped to find a deeper place however We were disappointed—and on Sunday night and monday morning pressed and worried her over in 41/2 feet water she drawing 5 1/2. twont do except at full, and change tides, except for vessels of an easy draft. About the same water at Righters point bar,—Harris has gone up to Harrisburg and I expect the Eclipse will be discharged at the point—The freight for her was sent on in the Alert and the Eclipse will have to go in without freight—While we were lying at the bar Doctors Woodbury and Cameron Came on board us I had some conversation with the former, he expressed much anxiety to receive a letter from you—he told me he had received the sanction of the Superioridad for the 10 litorales adjoining you Eastwardly and extending six leagues in the limitrofe—Our friend hatchet faced Davy is too late—further he said this, a branch in Mexico he expected to interest a very wealthy House in Phila. and flatters himself with doing much for Texas—said much about the Hacienda Nacional, no money—no prospect except from Gran Bretaña, for which he thinks the southern territory will go—he says we shall soon be left to take care of ourselves—he expressed very much anxiety to have your letter Contain, a sentence respecting the Nagurs about the security for introduction etc. had understood at S. f. de A and at other places on the road this side of Bexar, that they could be introduced, and would be secure—this opinion Came from you—he asked me many questions on the subject and said on account of yr known standing etc much weight would be given to any thing U—said on the subject and wished you to be full on that point, alth° he did not wish you to enter into Compromisos— I enclose you his note,—Cameron also wished to hear from you—

I expect Mr, Scott will go over about the first of next month to bring Sarah and the Children over here, and as it is probable that Gorge may be anxious to come likewise, and that you may not wish to use all the time about Town I wish you to get Mr. Ingram to stay there, and give Aunt mary instructions how to track.

Woodbury informed me that Poinsett was interested in the Contract which had been made by the Govt to Zavala, I also in one on the Guazacoaleo and Complained much of having been interfered with by Poinsett in his Contracts with the Govt particularly in the Contract for the litorales in front of his Colony— I presume that Poinsett has been speculating in his official capacity to his individual benifit.

I hope we will be off in a day or two, and am as ever yours

S M Williams [Rubric]

S F Austin Esqr.

[On margin:] Please write to Brown and request him to send up my saddle by some safe oppy.

S. M. W.