Martin Allen to Stephen F Austin, 07-05-1829

Summary: Report on militia muster for campaign against Waco Indians. Discussion of Indian population of Texas.

Harisburg 5th July 1829

Col Austin

Sir Agreeable to your order dated 23rd June for the purpose of raising Volunteers; I Calld a muster of My Company on the Second of this instant and red your order to the Company and told them I was willing to go—but the Shortness of the notice and the want of Horses being in order and the extream hotness of the weather renders it all most imposable to fit out a Compaign at this time altho the men in My Company Seam to Show the greatest marks of Patriotism in defending ther Country but wish to be Commanded by american officers—I advised the men in my Companey to hold them selves in readiness to go as soon as horses Could be put in order. I gave it as my opinion that a Campaign would be fitted out altogather from this Coloney. and Capt Hiram informed me on his return from San-felip that it is your opinion Also—at the time Your order arived here there was a large number of indians at this place and of different tribes there was Caddoes Anadarkoes Ieshes Inies Beedies Coshaties and Delawares and Kickapooes they ware all friendley and Showed every mark of to remain so except the Kickpooes they purchased All the powder that was here and put off amediately—I was not at home my self when the Kickapooes was here or they Should not have goten any powder from this place I wish you to send me the Law relitive to Selling amunition to Indians that a Stop may be put to it in time, the Indians ware very inquisitive to know if the whites were going against the WayCoes, there Chiefs all apply to me for information as they had appointed me there white Chief as they term it—in place of there Greate Chief Capt Toolin of Red river I kept them as much in the dark as posable in order to Learn from them how the Different tribes Stood affected to wardes our inimyes— they seemed to All be against the waycoes except a part of the Caddoes who told me that the waycoes and them ware Friends which I believe to be the Case—I have Learnt a few days Since from a very Smart intilagent Coshatty who Stayed at my hose All night Directly from the Villiege—he informed me that a jenril Expedition was to be fitted out against the waycoes, of All the different Tribes between the Brazors and Red river nameley the Coshatties Alabammoes Baluckshes Chocktoas Cherokees Kickapooes Caddoes and all the other Small tribes in ther vicinty he says they are to devide them Selves in different bands and all march at one time by different routs So that the enimy Can have no Chance of ascaping—he says they intend to kill all men wimmin and Children—he says also they are to March in two moons—this Indian gave this information without being able to have heard any thing from the Whites, relitive to the expedition at preasant I think it would be good policy when there is an expedition on foot against the Waycoes or aney of them tribes to keepe it as much from the Knowledge of other indians as posable—there being so much Communication from one tribe to another the waycoes and Caddoes ware friendly some years go to my own Knowledge—I was at a Council of the Chiefs of both tribes held with old Capt Toolin there greate Chief at Camp ty on Red river Capt Samul C Hiram informed me you are comeing over soon to go down on the bay I am going Down soon my self and would be very glad of your Company— I have an exelent Skiff for the purpose if she is sent home in time to repair her for the trip I lont her to Captain Scott when he Came on to Convey Misstriss Williams Down from this place as she was two weak to ride throng the hot sun I Should be very glad to be furnished with the Militia law as soon as is Convenient and also to know the cause of the Commission[er]s not comeing on—Your order never reached my hand untill the 29th of June—you will do me the favour to write to me as soon as is Convenient— I am Allways ready and ever have been to Serve My Country and My Friends and remains

Martin Allen [Rubric]