W Taylor to Stephen F Austin, 07-28-1829

Summary: Wants land for settlement in Texas. Asks advice.

Veracrus 28 July 1829

Dear Sir

Various have been our fortunes since we met and parted in Mexico— You remember that this was then as it still is, my post, at which, I have ever since resided—Save occasionally a tour into the interior, or a trip to the States I have heard of the progress of your Settlement which I consider to be too firmly rooted, to be easily or readily eradicated— I have not forgotten your invitation to me to settle in Texas—- After which I have always had a kind of hankering my present object is to obtain a small grant of from Fifty to one hundred to embrace both sides of some water course, with due attention to soil, wood, and water, as I have a number of friends whom I could induce to move out, and who would form no inconsiderable acquisitions to your infant State—but I can do nothing— viz will attempt nothing without your aid and advice. What I would have you to do for me in this business is, to select Me tracts of country— draw the plot with the boundaries etc. and to furnish me with your advice as to the Measures to be taken by me in order to secure the Grant. All which, from your local Knowledge of the County, may be done in your office.

please write to me thru Messrs Jas. W. Zackerie and Co N. orls as well as under Care to the Honorable J. E. Poinsett Envdo Extrary Min. Píen, de Los E. E. U. U. de AmericaMexico provided thro' this latter channel I could expect to hear from you in any reasonable time— perhaps it were better to send both original and Dupls Via N. orls— my intention is to leave this part of Mexico next winter, and therefore am the more anxious to hear from you soon

W. Taylor [Rubric]

Genl Sant Ana who was gouvanor of the State of VeraCrus and Military Comand1 of the District is now here with about 2000 Troops in the expectation of being attacked by an expedition sd to have recently left the Hava but that expedn must be detined else where.


[Addressed:] Colo Stephen Austin Austin Settlement Texas