Henry Austin to Stephen F Austin, 08-03-1829

Summary: Plans for navigation of Rio Grande. Has laid before Government of the United States a memorial suggesting exchange of its territory west of Rocky Mountains for that between Rio Grande and the United States.

Matamoros August 8d. 1829

Col. S F Austin

My dear Sir I have written to you repeatedly during the last three years by New Orleans, and from Vera Cruz by mail as I have not recd replys I suppose my letters have miscarried

I now avail my self of a direct opportunity to apprise you that I am here with a Steamboat and some goods for the purpose of ascending the River del norte to open a commercial intercourse with the interior if practicable and taking up land for future benefit— It is extreemly doubtfull whether the enterprise will result in success I shall however give some months attention to it and not leave this country in any event before fall. It will be some weeks before I can get ready to start from this and Should opportunity offer I should be pleased to hear from you

Your council after so much painfull experience would be valuable before leaving the US I laid before Govt a Memoir on the western boundary pointing out the advantages of an exchange of the territory west of the Rocky Mountains for the lands between the Del norte and the US giving the Mexican Govt one or two Millions to enduce the exchange-

Should a sure conveyance offer I will Send you a Copy— I think something will ultimately be done on the subject

do me the favor to let me "hear from you and beleive me always truly your friend and cousin

Henry Austin