Aylett C Buckner to Stephen F Austin, 08-07-1829

Summary: Suggesting methods of collecting debts due Austin.

Bernard 7th Agst 1829

Colo Austin

D Sir; Those to whom I have talked with relative to the claims You have against them for what may be owed on their lands consider it high time they were paid; But you know Where long indulgence is given and a long laps of time taken place without any demand a great many all most conclude the debt is paid. According to My opinion the most expeditious way of getting or collecting your claims would be to make a demand of each ones debt; if so those who are oweing Will begin to make preparations to discharge what they owe; You Know the nature of a great many for so long as they can get indulgence so long will they refrain from paying I am well apprised that there is very little money but if such property as they have will suit you at Cash valuation—I have but little doubt but most of them would pay— Any assistance I can give you in that way I will Cherfully do it I am thankful to you for having the error in the deed from Selkirk to Me rectified and whatever expences accruing from the same You will please let me Know— In consequence of the flys continueing so long I could not start as soon as I would but before long I will take the Mules due you to San Felipe de Austin Yours with Esteem

Ay. C. Buckner

In conversation with some I have taken the liberty of saying it would be better [to] pay as soon as possible otherwise they would perhaps be compelled to do it,—and with cost to the debtor (some require it)