Stephen F Austin to Zeno Phillips, 08-18-1829

Summary: Instructing him to be on guard against landing of Spanish forces on the coast.

You will perceive by the enclosed printed proclamation of his Excellency the Governor and official letter of the Chief of Depart- ment, that the inveterate enemy of our republic has landed on the coast of Tamaulipas and that the Govr has ordered that the militia of the State should be placed in the best possible State for active operations. In cumplyance with this order I have directed the Captains to muster their respective companies with the least possible delay and inspect them and return to the first adjutant a full statement of their force arms etc.

Mr. Bakus of the Schooner Augusta who came into Galveston a few days since from Orleans, reports that he was boarded off the Mississippi by the boats of a Spanish frigate that had been dismasted;] in a storm off Tampico—this fact warns us that the enemy are near us, and some storm, or other circumstance may throw them onto our coast. Supposing that such a case is possible, I have directed Caps Baily and Sims to be watchful, and I must request that you should also be in readiness to repair to the coast at the first alarm and should an enemy appear, take such measures as circumstances may permit to prevent them from taking the stock of cattle horses, hogs, etc., which would be an important supply for them—and you will inform me by express of whatever may occur, and of the force and appearance of any enemy who may be discovered, and give me such or other information as you may deem important to the public service and to the security of the people of this jurisdiction.

God and Liberty

Town of Austin 18 Augt 1829

To Lieut Zeno Phillips.

Stephen F. Austin [Rubric]