S Hatch to Stephen F Austin, 11-25-1829

Summary: Application for land. Economic condition of immigrants.

Dear Sir

I was in St Philapey a few dais Sins But your Situashun was Sutch I did not think prudent to visett you I am In hops Sir that I may hear Shortley of your Recuvry— I have ariv with My Familey and am Destitute of any plase to put them in—Mrs. Hatch is in a Bad State of helth and was fore dais past delivered of a Child makes me Certrianley anxious to put up Some Buildings and to prepare for a Crop as Soon as I Can doo that I wish to Return to Louisiana its My wish to Settle Some whare on the Nevedad or Corenkeway Bayo Should I not hear from you I shall go on down and put up Some Ruff Cabins allso have anther man thats here with me Should I Make a Sitution that mite Intarfeare with Lans that you or the Commishioner—wishes to take it will be arraind to your Satisfaction

Silvanus Hatch

25 of Sept 1829

[Addressed:] Colonel Stephen Austoon St. Philapey