Robert Lewis to Stephen F Austin, 11-09-1829

Summary: A dispute with Cameron concerning mines.

Cerralvo 9th Nov. 1829

Col Austin

Dear Sir; we arrivd at this place a few days since and found Cameron here, and both Mr. Sharkey and Myself being unwell nothing was said on business until we got better; day before yesterday Mr Sharkey sent for him, and informed him he was ready to attend to business, and it was necessary first for us Cameron and myself to come to a proper understanding, as to our affaires —

I then namd to him that I had formd a company in Battinson, to work Certain Mines by authority invested in me by an Instrument of writing, with his signature to it, I ask him if he claimd an interest in the company, he said he did; I then ask him if that was his hand writing and if it containd his signature, he quivocated as much as he could at last he acknowledged his signature, but would not admit its vilidity; but stated it was void long since and said it never was intended to of been usd—but to give more confidence, in aiding me in forming the Company. He said he would allow me an interest in those Mines the Company had contracted to work alluding to the two mines in the Contract but as to allowing me an interest in other Mines he would not except some at Yguana he naimd these I might have an interest some naming them and more over he would not admit of any cantract he ever had mad with me, that he was not to be drove or compeld to do any thing by me—- of all the lying quivocating schondrals he beats all I ever saw—he said when he gave the Instrument he cold not Deny ownin Mines in his own name notwithstanding he bound himself to do so, this was fraud within its self,

day after tomorrow Mr Sharkey and myself intends seting out for Mounterey to precure all the legal information necessary both for myself and to satisfy himself as to the interest of the Company.— The tools reach this place four days before we did, and if it was not for Camerons rascalaty we could commence our Mining operations in a week,—I should like for Mr. Williams to hold himself in readiness, to come to my assistance in case much difficulty, I will advise you as soon as its practable—Cameron observed the reason he came on from Bexar, and not meeting us, he heard some news that huried him off— he has secured the Mines, I understand from him, as also from others,—If aney thing remains undone that would promote my interest in this business, dont fail to attend to it, he bids defiance as to my suing him,—If sufficient information could be procured to git the Govt, to call on him as respects his remarks respecting a seperat Republic, it might be of service to me, as he depends so much on his influence both with the individuals here and the Govt.—any services rendered me will be thankfully reed

Robt Lewis. [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Mr Samuel M. Williams Villa de Austin. Texas