John Durst to Stephen F Austin, 11-24-1829

Summary: Will follow procedure advised by Austin concerning Guerrero's emancipation decree. Character of the local authorities.

Nacogdochs. Novr 24 de 1829

S. F. Austin Esqr

Dear Sir I receivd yours of the 17th Instant and am very thankful to you for the troble you have taken in the complyence of my request, it has aforded Great Satisfaction to our friends, and I am confident that the corse indicated will unanimosley be adopted to a man; you wish to Know what the Ayuntamto. of this place will do it is hard telling so farr they have agreed to cooparate with My vews on that subject, but there [is] no Knowing what turn they may take they are a Boddy without souls and subjects easy worked on by intrigue the Militery comte,. of this place has a considerable influence over them and is much of a scoundrel, I have this day been credibly informd that he has long since conceivd the Plan of efecting a revolution amonst the Slaves against their Masters he has even told me previos to this that he was astonished it did nott take place, but Little did I suspect him Capable of inducing them What are we to do with such a rascal, I hope el Sor. Padilla will soon be on and put things to wright

John Durst [Rubric]