Henry Austin to Stephen F Austin, 12-14-1829

Summary: Accompanying a memoir on Texan boundary. Understands that this started United States to negotiating for Texas. Asks Austin to help him get land in Texas before United States acquires it.

Matamoros Decr 14th 1829

Col. S F Austin

My dear Sir I avail myself of an opportunity for your place to send you a copy of a Memoir on the Western boundary of the US which I sent to Washington and which I understand has originated a negociation on the Subject— When I first proposed the purchase I expected to have had through Col Bradburn, extensive concessions in Texas, but Bradburn has failed to perform his engagements and as yet I have no land secured, at the Same time I was influenced by the knowledge that If I obtained no land myself the success of the plan would secure to you a splendid fortune promptly My friends now write that a Special Mission has been sent to Mexico to treat on this Matter and the papers of the US contain Many articles Strongly in favor of the purchase I have no doubt it will take effect in Some Shape or other-—

Now if there be any mode by which I could secure a grant of good land in my own name I would thank you to point it out

By the terms of the grant of the privelege of Navigating this river we are authorised to Colonise any of the vacant lands on this river but there are none vacant that are worth having or that can be got at Conveniently— The River is not Navigable excepting in high Water above Mier and the banks of the River below that are occupied

My own affairs go on badly My Men have all been sick nearly three months and at the time when the boat might have been most profitably employed—

I am now in treaty with the Merchts of this place to sell them half this boat to be run permanently between this and the Mouth of the river— if I effect this arrangement it will relieve me from my present confinement and perhaps enable me to visit your part of the Country if I do not effect it I shall take the boat to New Orleans as soon as I can and sell her to close the concern— I regret extremely the misfortune you have experienced in the death of your brother, it is indeed a severe blow to you under your present circumstances— My last letters bring me the Melancholly intelligence of the death of My Mother it has been truly a severe year to the family God grant the next may prove More propitious

Henry Austin [Rubric]