Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 01-01-1830

Summary: Urging him to move to Texas.

Austin, Jany. 1, 1830.

My dear brother and sister,

I have taken a few moments of Leisure to present to you my sincere wishes that the new year which has just entered may be a happy and prosperous one to you and that before its close we may all be united once more in this country.

I wrote you last month advising and urging you to remove here as soon as possible. I again repeat the same, I wrote you that I had petitioned for land for you I have asked of the Govt eleven Leagues of land for you on the condition that you remove here. My friends are of the opinion the whole Eleven Leagues will be granted which will be near 50,000 acres. The land I have selected for you lies on Galveston Bay and within six miles of Galveston harbor. if land is ever worth anything, one single league at that place will be worth a fortune. I cannot say positively that the whole Eleven Leagues will be granted, but I have no doubt that at least five will be. I shall know the final result in two months and inform you.

There is an opening here now for merchandising. Goods can be brought in free of duty until November next, and if you have an idea of removing here you ought to come immediately so as to bring in a large assortment of goods before the time expires for free importations.

I am very desirous for you to remove and there now cannot be a doubt remaining [as] to the rapid rise of this country. [I can] do something for you now, and you must come in time. If the Govr grants the land I have asked, the title will be void unless you remove at least within 18 months from this time but if you delay untill after Novr you will have to pay heavy duties on every thing you bring.

You may be sure that I would not urge your removal in so positive a manner if I was not convinced that you will be greatly benifited. There is no time for hesitation or delay. You will find us a plain set of people, and you need not be at much expense to bring furniture.

Farewell and let me hear from you as quick as possible.

S. F. Austin. [Rubric]

Direct your letter post paid to the care of James W. Breedlove New Orleans, and if you wish for any information relative to vessels coming to this colony write to Breedlove, also if you wish to send anything here, consign it to him with instructions to ship it to the care of John Austin Brazoria. Breedlove does most of the business of this colony and I wish you to give him yours if you come here, and you must come and that immediately.

S. F. Austin.

Bring all kinds of fruit seed and a quantity of it