H H League to Stephen F Austin, 01-02-1830

Summary: Informing Austin that Nestor Clay is insubordinate and declares that he will not obey the tax law.

Col. Stephen F. Austin

Dear Sir but a short time since Mr Nester Clay came to this place. I accidentally fell in his company, and he told me he had been wishing to speak to me on the subject of the Tax law and proceeded to make many violent remarks amongst which was the following: I will never pay one cent of the taxes while I am able to raise arms against it the best men in the country will oppose it with force and arms. You would be astonished to know who they are. You had better pay it yourself if it costs all you are worth, than to attempt collecting the Taxes, by God we will have a Boston Tea Scrap of it, we will come armed and show you whether you will collect it. I know my neighbors will join me, and if you report us in a state of rebellion, we will take no other notice of you than to Tar and feather you, and many other remarks of a similar kind. Mr. T. M. Duke and H. Cheves was present and paid attention to the conversation, he is the sort of charactors that has always kept this community in an uproar, and has always broke down order and established confusion it is my duty as an officer of this municipality to inform you of all such outrage, for now is the time to put a check to Such Charactors, this is therefore to inform your self and the honorable the Commissioner General of the State that the facts as above stated is just and true all of which I am prepared to prove

H H. League

First Regedor of the municipality of Austin.

January 2nd 1830