Stephen F Austin to James F Perry, 01-03-1830

Summary: Urging him to move to Texas, and showing advantages of doing so at once.

San Felipe de Austin, Jany 3, 1830

Dr brother and Sister

Altho, I have written three letters to you within the last two weeks on the subject of your removal to this country, I again repeat the same advise contained in my other letters, least they may have miscarried. Dr. Hutchison of the Boons Lick country takes on this. He will remove, and perhaps Genl T. A. Smith (a brother of Jack's, tho quite a different man) will also remove in the fall. When such men as Genl Smith begin to turn their attention this way, you may be sure the country must rise. I have lately made an arrangement for a large emigration of men of the first respectability from North Alabama round Tuscumbia, Huntsville etc they are all men of wealth. Within the last two months one hundred and fifty three families have arrived and they are generally of the better class and men of property. In a year more this colony will be filled up, now then is the time, if you remove soon you must make a fortune. The land I have asked for, for you and Emily I have no doubt will be granted—that is Eleven Leagues but the title will be void unless you remove. I have asked two years for you to remove in, but am of opinion that only one year will be granted. I can do something for you now but after my colonizing business is done, the door will be closed in comparison to what it is now.

The whole expenses of a League to a settler is about $150, and there is 4, 5, and 6 years to pay a part of that. Many of the settlers are poor and will give one half to any one who clears out and pays the expenses on the whole League.

In November next the custom house will be established and duties collected, for the law which exempted Texas from all duties for seven years will expire in November, so that you ought to be here with an assortment of goods before November.

Slaves cannot be introduced as slaves, but as indented or hired servants. I shall start in about ten days to survey the land I have petitioned for, for you, and select a building place, and then write more particularly. If you will send on a trusty man with two or three hands to build some cabins it would not be amiss to do so. Stock cattle can be got for goods and if you can bring on a good family to put on your land and tend stock you might soon have a 1000 head. Beeves may be shipped from the spot to Orleans not more than four days run—in fact to include all in a few words you must remove and that immediately.

My constitution is failing rapidly, and I want you here, to see my sisters children all provided for before I die.

Bring all kinds and barrels of fruit seed of the best kind.

In dry weather there is a very good wagon or carriage road from Alexandria to this place. You can take choice of roads either to send everything by water, and bring the family out in a carriage from Alexandria, or embark the family in Orleans and come by water. The road is a very good one and much used and it is settled and safe, the settlements tho are thin. You must bring bedding and furniture. I have nothing of that kind and want some for myself.

Send your articles or goods to James W. Breedlove New Orleans with instructions to ship them to John Austin Brazoria Texas. Also send your letters postpaid by the same channel. Close your affairs in that country and push on as fast as possible. I have applied for a grant for Henry Austin who is now running a steam boat on Rio Grande. If you come by land bring a decent carriage, you will need it here, and if not, it can be sold. We are beginning to get up in this country and decent and fine clothes have taken the place of buckskin.

Present my respects to my old friend Saml Perry and tell him my advise is to quit that cold region and emigrate to Texas. With his capital he might make a princely fortune here.

Do the same to my old friend John Perry and to his lively and agreeable Lady. Why not all come? They can command my friendship, and I can do something for them if they come quickly.

What are Elias Bates and Honey doing? Also James Austin's children. I would get them land if they would come but I shall not write to them anymore for I wished them all to move years ago, and they [have] not even answered my letters. Bring Adeline. She can get a league of land and a husband afterwards.

S. F. Austin. [Rubric]