Dexter C. Gunn and David Bucklin to Stephen F Austin, 01-10-1830

Summary: Inquiring concerning Texas. Six families wish to move.

Demascus Henry County Ohio 10th Jany. 1830

Very Dear Sir

Having seen an account of your settlement in Texas coppyd in one of our Journals and it being the wish of a number of Inhabitants in this vicinity to learn the perticulars of your progress in the colony. Its natural productions, the distance from New Orleans to your settlement as likewise the Diseases incident to your climate, We understand by the public papers That a man of a family that comes with a good recommendation will draw one league square of land Mexican measure, and that the population is rapidly increasing. If the prospect should prove to be as flattering as it is represented in the public prints. There is six Familys in this place that will Move from this country to your coliny. We now live in the western part of the State of Ohio on the Maumee river which Discharges its waters into Lake Erie, we have lived here some years and the place proves to be quite unhealthy. We are subject every summer to fevers. Ague & fever etc Our object in writing to you is to learn from your self whether the statements respecting your colony are true etc and please have the goodness to write us on the receibt of this [and] Much oblige a number who are anxious to come to Texas. With all due respect we subscribe ourselves

Dexter C Gunn

David Bucklin P. M.

Col Steven Austin

P S. please direct your letter to David Bucklin Postmaster Demascus Williams County State of Ohio.