R Stowers to Stephen F Austin, 01-26-1830

Summary: Rumors of negotiations by the united States for purchase of Texas. Bustamanto changing the government of Mexico.

Mon Clover Jany 26 1830

My Dear Sir

I have just recd pr the hands of Antonio Manches letters from the U. S. bearing the disagreeable and unpleasant information of my worthy friend and relative Samuel Summer's being murdered last summer on the Sante Fe road by the Indians, also suspicions that we are likely to sustain a considerable loss from certain imprudences of the man I left in charge of our business in New Mexico, these circumstances render it highly necessary that I should repair hence soon as possible and these circumstances will further prevent my returning to Texas for some time, but so soon as I can settle our business in New Mexico I shall return by the way of Texas, this I think will be some time next fall, the goods here I shall leave with Mr. Woodson to sell and make returns. Our sales have been very good in this section, but light profits.

The Mexicans are much agitated at this time relative to a change of their Government. Bustamante seems to be the prime mover of a central Govet and it seems from the best information I can gather here, that he is very likely to carry his point, has many followers. they urge as a principal reason for a change the expense of supporting the different states under the present form, which argument has a priestly sway among the common people. I have but little doubt myself, but what a central form would suit them much better than the present, provided they had less Territory to govern, but it seems that Uncle Sam is pestering them for Texas, at which some of them in Mexico kick against might and main, but I think will ultimately bring them under, the U. S. has, as they say has offered to loan them six millions of dollars, if they would relinquish to her Texas. I have not much idea that a very speedy change will take place, but am now inclined to think it will ultimately, provided it could get through the senate of the U. S. Here lies the rub. I presume it is hardly necessary to name to you that we are all somewhat creatures of interest. I am so much so that I have thought proper to solicit from you a grant for a small piece of Land say a League, should you think proper to receive the application, you would render me a lasting favour by selecting me a piece of your own choice, and should you need any assistance call on my particular frds Mr, Williams and McKinstry to assist you, and any trouble and expense that may be attending it, I will readily reimburse on my arrival with you. Tender my best respects to Mr. and Mrs. Williams and all my old frds in yr. city.

E. Stowers

P. S. Please write me on recpt. of this to Chihuahua

[Addressed] Al Sor D Esteban F. Austin San Felipe de Austin Texas